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Commercial Window Tinting


SolarFilm provides commercial window tinting in Richmond, Williamsburg, Chesterfield Virginia, and beyond. We only use top of the line 3M film for our installations so you are always getting quality that is sure to last. Read below for the benefits of our commercial tinting installation services.

Commercial Uses of Window Film

Window film has significant advantages in residential situations. When used commercially, the benefits are even greater. With larger expanses of glass, comfort, energy savings, glare, street appearance and space utilization carry added value.

High performance window films control many of the issues associated with the physical characteristics of glass:

  • Glass is extremely porous – a notorious energy waster
  • Glass is brittle and can severely injure and damage
    property when broken

High performance window films have several benefits:

  • Temperature imbalances (hot and cold spots)
  • Reduction of heating and cooling bills
  • Protection from personal injury and property damages from weather related, blast, or blast related breakage
  • Control fading
  • Retain the view
  • Nearly eliminate vandalism and theft
  • Control glare – CRT / monitor
  • Retain building design and look
  • Eliminate a disorderly look to passers-by (translucent or opaque applications)
  • Obtain distortion free views and occupant privacy
Residential Window Tint Flash Simulator

Our Work

Business owners have enjoyed the benefits of our commercial window tinting in Richmond, Williamsburg, Chesterfield and throughout Central and Eastern Virginia for over 30 years. Commercial tinting has many benefits that pay you back for the job in no time. These benefits include reduced energy costs, and a more comfortable environment for your employees. We know that after you experience the benefits of 3M commercial tint film in your business office or storefront you won’t want to work in a building with un-tinted windows again. Call and let us explain all the benefits we can provide for your business today.