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Safety and Security Window Tinting

Safety and Security Window Film Benefits

  • Helps Hold Broken Glass Together – reduce the risk of glass related injuries
  • 8 Mil meets GSA bomb blast standards
  • 500 lbs. TNT inside of 180 feet
  • No broken glass enters the room further than 10 feet from the window and 2 feet above the floor level
  • Eliminates “grab and go” burglary and forced break-in
  • Controls “sputter” from gun shot instances
  • Different degrees of glare reduction available
  • 12 year manufacturer’s warranty

When we install our 3M safety and security window film to your Central VA home or office, we know we are providing more than just the tinting film itself. We are creating a stronger window in your home or office that brings you, and your family or employees peace of mind. Windows with our 3M security film installed are much safer because they are harder to break into. They are shatter resistant so there is less chance of dangerous pieces of glass cutting you in the event the window glass does break.

If you are concerned about safety in your home or workplace, give us a call and ask how we can make your building safer with our 3M safety and security window film. We are sure you will be impressed by all the benefits of this high tech product. Our trained window tint installers do a professional job every time because they have years of experience in the tinting industry. Call today and let us make you safer with stronger windows in Richmond, Williamsburg, Chesterfield, Mechanicsville or surrounding areas of Virginia with our safety window film by 3M.