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We ARE enjoying our new solar film experience. As the weather gets brighter, I am SO SO glad we did it. If we ever get the one window fixed in the dining area (still working on it), I would like to finish the project. The film really improves the non-glare water view. You were right!


The windows look great and the glare and heat are gone.

The process to get our windows tinted was so easy. The proposal process was simple, John was a great help to us deciding on which tint to use. Mike was great. He was very professional and nice. We didn’t even know he was here.

Thank you so much for a job WELL done!! We should have done this a long time ago.

Warmest regards,

Melissa Hope, Office Manager; John Richmond Landscaping, Inc.

Thank you so much for sending two very nice and very efficient young men to reapply new film on our windows. We are very pleased with the results.

We do appreciate you taking care of the problem which occurred because of a defective roll of film. Based on what you’ve told us in the past, we realize this is a very unusual problem. The young man who installed the film also said he had never seen a problem like this. We certainly are glad that we chose a reputable firm like yours to do this. I also realize that even though 3M replaced the film that you had to supply the labor with no compensation from 3M. So we really do appreciate the fact that you stood behind your service.

Thanks again. If anyone ever wants a recommendation, you can have them call us.


Marlene C.
Williamsburg, Va

I cannot believe the difference the film makes. The price is awesome and it really does the job.”

Martha D.
Windsor Farms

SolarFilm applications offer a noticeable and quantifiable energy savings opportunity for facilities with significant solar exposures. We consider this application “low hanging fruit” for facility energy improvements at the right location.

Energy Engineer
Richmond Va

We thoroughly enjoy the protection provided by SolarFilm. As soon as we moved into our new home I wanted the same protection you installed at our off Cary.”

Paul S.
Manakin Sabot Va.

We would not be able to cool down the offices at 1111 East Main Street without the protection afforded by SolarFilm.”

Charles Zerhusen,  Property Manager, American Financial Realty Trust

We noticed an immediate improvement in our ability to cool down problem areas where solar film has been installed. This protection has helped us avoid more expensive investments in HVAC. Our end users noticed the improvement and shared their immediate satisfaction with us.”

Ned Netherwood, Facilities Manager, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals